Message from Chairman

Huang Wo - Chairman

  • Chairman of the Guangdong Wangtat Construction and Investment Holding Group

  • Chairman of the Guangzhou Wangtat Project Management and Consultancy Group

  • Chairman of the Wangtat Smart City Construction and Technology Group

  • Maoming City’s Standing Committee of the CPPCC

    (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)

Time flies, it’s been 30 years since the establishment of the Wangtat Construction and Investment Holding Group in 1993. This might be a split second in the vast era of history, but it is an unforgettable and resplendent journey for the members of Wangtat. Today’s Wangtat was built brick by brick with the wisdom and sweat from the committed Wangtat members. Initially, as an engineering consultancy company, we provided services to international enterprises.  Now we become an all-round enterprise group that develops diverse businesses around the construction & investment industry with an international technological background and a progressive management concept. The enterprise group have more than ten wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries and more than twenty branches countrywide, which radiates influence from the south of China to the whole of China, to Southeast Asia and to the international market.

We break the ice, and we blaze the trail. Wangtat is always the advocator and practitioner of the whole-process engineering consulting and construction management mode. We take the lead in practising the FIDIC International Standardization System and whole-lifecycle project management mode in China. Until now, we have provided whole-process construction management services to more than ten thousand construction projects countrywide and worldwide. Service types include locational research, early-stage planning, constructional investment and financing consulting, feasibility research, planning consulting, tendering management, design management, cost consultancy, project planning, project design, project supervision, project management and post-project evaluation.

Wangtat have the volition to take the lead in China and around the globe. We’ve been building our brand in the industry by establishing milestones on the journey of innovation and development. The China Science and Technology Museum (New) that Wangtat provided construction management service was the “First experimental engineering-project-management enterprise project created by a supervision company”. In 2013, the “Guangdong Science Center” project proudly won the “FIDIC Centenary Award”, leading the industry and raising the flag for the Chinese construction service industry.Furthermore, Wangtat ceaselessly contributes to the development of the industry and is highly aware of our social responsibilities. You can see Wangtat’s efforts in multiple operations, industrial associations and professional agencies such as the Chinese Association of Engineering Consultancy, the Guangdong Committee of Eco-friendly material and Construction, and in the ‘main battlefields’ of supporting the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to tackling poverty. In 2017, Wangtat was the “National High-tech Enterprise” plus the “Guangzhou Hundred Best Enterprise Brand”, and I was honoured with the “30 Years Meritorious Entrepreneur of Guangzhou”. Wangtat is also the “20 Years Advanced Project Supervision Enterprise of Chinese Construction Supervision Innovative Development” and the “Assuring Unit of National Construction Supervision”,and has been the “Guangdong Provincial Contract Observance and Trustworthy Enterprise” for more than 20 years consecutively. Social recognition is the highest appreciation for Wangtat, which would stimulate Wangtat’s continual growth to become an innovative enterprise that possesses outstanding performance and social responsibilities.

With a global perspective, a multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary technological background and abundant practical experiences, Wangtat responds vigorously to “The Belt and Road Initiative” by actively expanding international businesses to guide the globalization of Chinese investments and Constructions. We’ve established constructive communication links with related governments and corporate groups in fields such as infrastructure, smart city, industrial parks, new energy, pharmacy, commodity trading, and e-commerce. Wangtat is presciently building international collaborative frameworks with countries such as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Laos. In this way, Wangtat’s traditional services and pluralistic services will step towards the world from its robust foundation in the Chinese market.