Environmental Engineering Consultancy

Environmental Engineering Consultancy

Environmental Engineering is one of the most important directions for the development of the engineering industry in the 21st Century. Wangtat deployed business strategies in advance, prepared senior professionals into core teams and opened related consultancy services for environmental engineering including environmental supervision, environmental protection examination and acceptance service, whole process consultancy for sponge ecological cities.

Environmental supervision means the supervision of the environment of construction projects. Project construction units commission environmental supervision agencies to carry out environmental protection supervision and management according to environmental impact evaluation files, official approvals from the Main Administrative Department of Environmental Protection, and environment supervision contracts.

According to the “Provisional Measures for the Environment Protection Acceptance Check of Construction Projects” announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, Environmental Protection Acceptance Check is the examination of water, noise, or fixed-pollution prevention facilities before completion-based acceptance.

Whole-Process Consultancy for Sponge Ecological City is the consultation of the sustainability of urban planning and ecological technologies based on urban planning construction targets, which analyses and evaluates individual ecospheres such as architecture, roads, greeneries, and water systems. We provide technical consultancy suggestions and instruct garden and municipal designs to actualize related technical schemes for sponge cities.

Our Services Includes: