Development Management (Development Agent Construction)

Development Management (Development Agent Construction)

Real estate development is a comprehensive multi-layer job; except for usual project construction, this involves development orientation & strategies, financing & utilization of funds, marketing & sales etc. Usually, projects need to reflect values and income in the process of project construction, which includes investor’s investment expectation of return, financing channels & funding abilities; these determine the developmental mode, construction plan and sales strategies of the project.

Therefore, average project planning, consultancy and project management can’t satisfy real estate developmental needs. On the other hand, Wangtat has a mature, energetic, and efficient collective of senior experts in fields of engineering technology, engineering management, engineering cost management, with engineering contract management, with senior managers with real-life experiences in real estate operational management, real estate developmental project managers, marketing plotting elites, and experts familiar with construction procedures & policies. As a result, we established a sturdy developmental management system from a batch of successful and comprehensive real estate development management experiences.

Wangtat’s land estate project types include residential, business, business & residential integrated, tourist, technological, urban-complex land, and low-income housing.

Wangtat’s have diverse “Development management” services: integrative management for real estate development, agent construction for real estate development, trust management for real estate development, whole process consultancy for real estate development, and landed estate development planning and construction consultancy.

Our Services includes: